Clear Seas PR is a full-service consulting firm delivering strategic solutions, creative ideation and sage counsel. Not only does Clear Seas PR propel clients to compete in the marketplace, we sharpen your competitive edge. We build your reputation, shape your brand, deliver your message and amplify your voice. We drive growth and build market share to meet immediate objectives and deliver on long-range plans. We exceed expectations so you do too. Just as important we are accessible and expedient – for us PR doesn’t just stand for Public Relations it stands for PROMPT RESPONSE; PERFECT RESULTS.


Unique Approach

Clear Seas PR - we’ve been there; done that. Let us do it for you. How may we help you?

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What We Do

Clear Seas PR - expedient communications solutions and services for an immediate world.


Practice areas

Not quite Superheroes, but close. From public relations to outdoor recreation - Clear Seas PR has you covered.


Let’s get to work

Clear Seas PR - No time like the present; time to take you to the NEXT LEVEL!


Small Batch

Curated content with a thoughtful and creative twist.