Clear Seas PR offers accessible, expedient professional communications services on your terms with clear benefits. The days of “hurry up and wait” are long gone. We live in an immediate world where products and plane tickets are just a click away. So should communications solutions. PROMPT RESPONSE; PERFECT RESULTS are paramount.



It’s critical to understand the strategic value Clear Seas PR adds to a brand, business, venture, event or even a problem. Clear content, kick-ass creative, objective insights and pinpoint assessment take a product, place, platform or plan to the next level. We deliver expert insights that better position our clients to gain maximum exposure and open access points at important milestones in their business evolution.



Clear Seas PR has 30 years of experience and a demonstrable record of results. We provide a spectrum of services that builds brands, reputation and engages consumers while delivering innovative marketing campaigns, inspired creative and content, market insight, controlled issue management and continuous improvement.



We’ve been there and done that. Millions of miles have taken us to every nook and cranny of the United States and places beyond our borders. We respect process, logistics, operations and applaud customer service. While we recognize that high standards breed excellence we equally see through screens erected to mask flaws. We know consumers; we are consumers. We dive deep into the details to assess, evaluate and understand. We are quick studies. We live for efficiency.