Spring Cleaning For Your Business

First we sprung forward into Daylight Savings Time and ten long days later we officially welcome the arrival of Spring. Hard to believe Spring is here on this cold, dismal day given that the unreliable rodent, Punxsutawney Phil, didn’t see his shadow and predicted an early Spring before retreating into his burrow to continue his long winter’s nap. (We haven’t seen Pluff Mud Pete the Pelican, Clear Seas PR’s Southern prognosticator of Spring on the dock either.)

Spring puts the “spring” into Spring Cleaning and we are on it. Spring is a time to declutter, organize, eliminate, polish and shine. We have our Spring Cleaning check-list at-the-ready.  It’s more than an organizational proposition; it’s a time of renewal and a time to freshen.

Clear Seas PR helps our clients through our Spring Cleaning check-list by:

·       Updating and freshening websites, social media presentation values and messaging

·       Fine-tuning marketing plans, adjusting budgets and revenue projections

·       Determining where to slot incremental marketing, communications opportunities that may be unplanned but add much-needed brand and business value

·       Building an earned media wish-list highlighting business and brand accomplishments and innovations

·       Finalizing plans for outdoor team-building and leadership activities

·       Scheduling sessions to ideate on next year’s plans and refresh three to five year plans

·       Archiving, both digital and paper, previous year’s files and folders to declutter, organize and make room for new projects and programs

Historically, Spring Cleaning, in colder climates, was an exercise to sweep ashes out of the over-worked fireplace and, in the south, an exercise to eradicate yellow pollen from virtually every surface you can see and touch. Metaphorically it’s time to sweep out the office too.